Rates set for new three-band Welsh landfill tax

The Welsh Government has announced the rates of its new devolved Landfill Disposals Tax, which will begin in April 2018.

The standard rate will stay consistent with the UK rate to provide stability for businesses, but a new band to deter illegal deposits will be set at 150 per cent the standard rate.

The new rate for unauthorised disposals will be set at 150 per cent of the standard rate. For the tax year 2018/19, the unauthorised disposals rate will be set at £133.45 per tonne, compared to the standard rate of £88.95 and a lower rate for inert waste of £2.80.

Forecasts for the 2019/20 year suggest the standard rate will increase to £91.70 per tonne, with the unauthorised disposals rate accordingly rising to £137.55 and the lower rate increasing slightly to £2.90.