Mid-UK made to pay almost £1m after ‘horrific’ shredder death

A recycling company has been fined £880,000 and made to pay £100,000 in costs, and two people have been given suspended prison sentenced after the death of an agency worker who was drawn into machinery while cleaning in the area.

Nottingham Crown Court heard how Karlis Pavasars working at Mid-UK Recycling Limited at the Barkston Heath site near Ancaster lost his life whilst cleaning near a conveyor. The recycling line was started up and the worker was drawn onto the conveyor, along the line through a trommel and into an industrial waste shredder.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) into the incident that occurred on 19 July 2013 found that the fixed gate that fenced the area off and prevented access to the conveyor had been removed for a number of weeks prior to the incident, which meant that workers could freely gain access to the area. Management were aware that the gate was not in place just days before the incident.