Urgent need for capacity sees planned Irish plastic recycling plant relocate to UK

A new plastic recycling facility is to be built in Warwickshire after Beauparc Utilities chose the UK site instead of Dublin, apparently due to permit delays for the build in Ireland.

Much of the Ireland’s waste management industry comes under the consolidation of Beauparc, with subsidiaries including the large recycling and renewable energy businesses Panda and Greenstar. The conglomerate, which was founded in 1990, first expanded into the UK market in 2016 when PandaGreen (part of the larger Panda Group) acquired New Earth Solutions’ five waste treatment sites, followed in 2017 by WSR Recycling in Widnes.

Beauparc plans to build a €15 million (around £13.2 million) facility near Rugby, Warwickshire. Commenting on the announcement, Eamon Waters, Beauparc’s Chief Executive, said: “We are disappointed not to be locating the new facility in Ireland… Unfortunately the regulations governing waste management in Ireland mean that we could take more than two years to obtain the necessary approvals to establish a recycling facility here, whereas the UK regulator has ready to go protocols in place to allow us start development on an approved site immediately. Operations are expected to commence in August (2018).”