Frictionless trade of waste materials post-Brexit essential, says ESA

Frictionless trade of waste materials with Europe is essential for a post-Brexit world, says a joint statement from the Environmental Services Association (ESA) and the Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA), released yesterday (19 April).

The two trade associations have joined together to call on UK and EU authorities to ensure that ‘unnecessary’ trade barriers and tariffs on the trade of waste materials, such as refuse derived fuel (RDF), are avoided.

The UK currently exports around three million tonnes of recyclable material at a value of £900 million to other EU member states, in addition to 3.5 million tonnes of RDF for energy recovery, to the tune of £320 million.

The joint statement details the ‘significant economic and environmental advantages’ that free trade of waste materials provides for the UK and the European countries with which it trades, above all in that the possibility of exporting waste materials provides an outlet for material that cannot be treated in the UK.