Mobile plastic-free supermarket aisle to tour Europe

A mobile version of a plastic-free supermarket aisle will travel around Europe to promote the concept of plastic-free shopping to consumers and businesses. The ‘Mobe-Aisle’ was launched today (28 June) at a global ocean summit in the Hague, the finish line of the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race. It is a replica of the plastic-free aisle which was launched in February in the Amsterdam branch of Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza, offering 700 products free from single-use plastic packaging.

The plastic-free aisle was created in partnership with campaign group A Plastic Planet. The group’s Co-Founder Sian Sutherland said that taking the aisle on tour would promote the concept to consumers and businesses: “In a world suffocating in plastic, plastic-free aisles offer our best chance of freedom. They give shoppers who no longer want to be part of the plastic problem the choice to be part of the plastic solution.”

The items, while not packaged in conventional throwaway plastic, will use bioplastics as well as metal, card, paper and glass. The bioplastics are described as ‘plastic-free’ because they are certified as compostable, either at home or in industrial facilities. The group’s website states that the packaging should be placed into food waste bins rather than residual waste.