Amur launches 24-hour AD feedstock test

A new rapid inhibition test for anaerobic digestion (AD) feedstocks has been unveiled by AD services provider Amur.

The test is used to analyse feedstocks before they enter the digester and ensure they are free from inhibiting toxins. Amur says it will produce results in 24 hours, a first for the industry, where the average is usually 30 days.

Nigel Lee, Amur’s General Manager, commented: “Every AD operator knows that diet is crucial to running efficiently and achieving optimum gas yields. Until now, operators have had to wait up to a month for confirmation that feedstocks are safe to fees. Now, they can source feedstock and be reassured that material is free from inhibition in just one day.”

The test is being offered free of charge to companies signing to Amur’s Bullet biomethane potential (BMP) test, which uses near infra-red spectral analysis to reveal the potential biomethane gas yield of a feedstock within three days.