Waitrose to run HGV fleet on biomethane

Retailers Waitrose and John Lewis will be running trucks on renewable fuels derived from food waste as part of a trial to see how using biomethane compressed natural gas (CNG) can help to cut the UK’s transport emissions. The trial, in partnership with renewable gas distribution company CNG Fuels, will see a new biomethane refuelling station opened with the capacity to service 350 trucks a day.

The project is being funded by the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) in partnership with Innovate UK, as part of the government’s Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial. Performance data from the trucks will be analysed by Cambridge University, with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during the trial period (until September 2019) being compared with diesel equivalents with a view to encouraging other HGV fleet operators to switch from diesel to organic-waste derived biomethane.