New plan for plastics recycling from Veolia and RECOUP

A new report by waste management company Veolia reveals that consumers expect more recycled content in plastic products than is currently going in.

The report, titled ‘Plan for Plastics: The circular solution’, asks more than 2,000 people a range of questions about their expectations and understanding of recycled plastic packaging. The results reveal that a huge number of people are in favour of more recycled content in products: 93 per cent of those surveyed expected plastic bottles to contain recycled materials, and 55 per cent thought ‘all of most’ of the bottle would be made of recycled plastic. In reality, most bottles and packaging tend to use less than 15 per cent recycled content.

The survey also asked whether people would be willing to pay more for bottles with recycled content – and over half (51 per cent) said they would pay an average of 2.5 pence more for a recycled bottle than for one with no recycled content. The report states that a price rise of this level would raise £325 million annually in the UK at current rates of plastic bottle usage – a price incentive that could be the extra encouragement needed for manufacturers to get behind using recycled content in their products.