Innovative biodegradable materials could replace microplastics in cosmetics

Novamont has this week (1 October) launched its new CELUS-BI range of biodegradable materials designed for use in cosmetics and personal care products in place of microplastics.

While plastic microbeads used for exfoliants in rinse-off products like face wash and toothpaste have come under attack in recent years, as the plastic pieces can wash down the drain and into the water system, there are other types of plastic remaining in leave-on cosmetics that can be equally damaging.

The CELUS-BI range includes products for use in leave-in and rinse-off times, including texturising, emollient and exfoliating materials. The company says the materials will biodegrade fully ‘in just a few days’ in a water purifying plant, and can produce up to 95 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional equivalents.