EAC criticises ‘woolly’ government commitment on future environmental policy

The UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee has criticised the UK Government’s commitments on future environmental legislation, stating that they do not guarantee the transposition of EU legislation that cannot be easily transposed into UK law.

The Chair of the EAC, Mary Creagh MP was commenting on the government’s response to the EAC’s inquiry into its 25 Year Environment Plan, in which it failed to commit to replace EU legislation on air, waste and water, among others, that cannot easily be brought into UK domestic law and was vague on the future design of an environmental watchdog to monitor government performance on environmental policy.

Creagh said: “The government’s woolly response makes no firm commitments on the future governance of the environment after Brexit, which is of great concern, given that the Agriculture Bill is making its way through Parliament.

“If we want a world-leading environment, we need a strong, independent environmental watchdog which ministers cannot quietly put to sleep. The government’s draft Bill must make the new watchdog accountable to Parliament.”