Public supports resource efficient policies, says report

A new survey by Cardiff University has found the UK public overwhelmingly supports resource efficient policies, with 90 per cent believing all packaging should be made recyclable, while a further three quarters believe that the government should ensure businesses make their products repairable and recyclable.

The survey was part of a project led by the Centre for Industrial Materials, Energy and Products (CIEMAP), a research coalition made up of the universities of Bath, Cardiff, Leeds and Nottingham Trent, which led to the report, ‘By popular demand: What people want from a resource efficient economy’, published in partnership with think tank Green Alliance.

Key findings from the survey included:

– 87 per cent of people believe there is a strong or very strong need to shift to a society that uses resources more efficiently. Only 0.4 per cent believe there is no need at all;
– Two thirds (65 per cent) of people are frustrated by products that do not last;
– Three quarters (75 per cent) believe the government should be responsible for ensuring that businesses produce repairable and recyclable products;
– 89 per cent believe all packaging should be made of recyclable materials; and
– 81 per cent believe businesses should be required to provide repair, maintenance or disposal support for their products.