Recycling Association launches China quality export scheme

The UK’s Recycling Association has launched a Quality Control scheme in tandem with the Chinese Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) London in order to ensure UK shipments of waste paper meet Chinese export requirements.

Following China’s ban on 24 grades of solid waste and implementation of strict contamination limits of 0.5 per cent on all other imports at the start of the year, China now requires all shipping containers destined for China to be inspected. The new Quality Control scheme creates an additional level of scrutiny at the depot level to ensure that material meets Chinese specifications.

The new Quality Control system will be introduced for companies that wish to take part and can be added onto the current Quality Control systems that most depots already have in place. Data from the new system will be recorded and made available to CCIC London using an app developed by the group. Companies that do not wish to take part in the new system face the alternative of having CCIC London physically inspecting their consignments to China.