Northern Ireland recycling rate up 3.7 per cent

Northern Ireland’s household waste recycling rate has jumped 3.7 per cent to 48.1 per cent, leaving England’s recycling rate languishing behind those of the other nations in the United Kingdom.

According to the latest statistics, Northern Ireland has registered a significant increase on its 2016/17 household waste recycling rate of 44.3 per cent, while its local authority collected (LAC) municipal waste recycling rate increased from 44 per cent to 47.6 per cent.

There have been notable increases in composting rates, with the municipal composting rate increasing by three per cent to 22 per cent, with 216,717 tonnes of LAC municipal waste sent for composting in 2017/18. The household composting rate increased by 3.2 per cent, going from 21.4 per cent to 24.6 per cent. Such increases have previously been linked to the introduction of new rules regarding the collection of food waste, with all councils in Northern Ireland now required to provide a container for the separate collection of food waste (potentially combined with other bio-waste).

Northern Ireland’s recycling rate increase now leaves England at the bottom of the pile with 44.9 per cent, while Scotland’s stands at 45.6 per cent for 2017, with Northern Ireland now in second place with 48.1 per cent behind Wales, which is far out in front on 62.7 per cent for 2017/18.