SEPA plans to make Scotland’s metal sector go circular

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has devised a new sector plan to make Scotland’s metal sector part of the nation’s emerging circular economy and improve environmental compliance and prevent illegal activity within the industry.

The Metals Sector Plan covers all regulated activities that involve the production of metal from raw materials, the manufacture of metal products and the reprocessing, recycling and recovery of metallic wastes. It aims to reduce the amount of materials, energy and water used across the metals sector through a range of ambitious goals. These include:

– Displacing virgin raw materials with recycled or recovered metals within the industry;
– Ensuring operators can better collect individual metal types and alloys;
– Changing vehicle technology on end-of-life vehicle depollution and dismantling operators;
– Saving energy by promoting industry best practice in energy efficiency and low carbon energy projects for the Scottish metal manufacturing processes; and
– Regulating baseline water use at metals production sites and improving water efficiency.