Householders could face £400 fine for fly-tipping

UK householders could be hit with a new fine of up to £400 (€442) if they don’t use a licensed waste carrier and if their waste ends up being fly-tipped.

The new fine, in the form of a fixed penalty notice (FPN), comes as part of a targeted campaign by the UK Government to reduce the amount of waste that is dumped illegally and focuses on the household waste duty of care, which requires householders to take responsibility for their waste and ensure it is disposed of correctly.

This measure was first proposed in a government consultation at the start of 2018; 88 per cent of respondents said they believed a new FPN would help to tackle fly-tipping. A majority also felt that the level of penalty was fair, and 95 per cent agreed that local authorities should be required to communicate how frequently they use the penalties.

The government has issued guidance for local authorities on how and when the FPNs should be used in a ‘proportionate’ manner, addressing concerns that councils might be over-zealous in their use of fines. It is stressed that ‘in no circumstances should enforcement be used as a means to generate income.’