Global brands get behind waste-free online shopping platform

Recycling company TerraCycle, best known for developing recycling schemes for hard-to-process products like cigarette butts and crisp packets, has launched a new online shopping platform designed to cut out waste completely.

The platform, called Loop, involves a range of companies owning some of the biggest household brands including Unilever, Procter and Gamble and PepsiCo. New, reusable and durable packaging has been developed for a number of products, which customers can purchase either through the Loop website or through the sites of partner brands, paying a deposit for the packaging.

Items will be delivered in a Loop reusable bag, and once used are placed back in the bag for collection. The packaging will then be cleaned and refilled by Loop, and returned to the customer – or if they cancel their order they receive their deposit back.

The platform was launched at the World Economic Forum on Thursday 24 January, and will be piloted first in Paris and New York – though it is set to expand to London and Toronto by the end of 2019.