Inquiry asks how government waste policies will affect English councils

A Parliamentary inquiry has been launched into the effects of the UK Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy on English local authorities. Parliament’s Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee will be looking into the implications of key proposals to come out of the Strategy.

These proposals include an ambition to introduce separate food waste collections to every household in England by 2023. A consultation on this proposal, which will close on 13 May 2019, is also asking for evidence on the idea of a consistent set of recyclable materials to be collected by all local authorities, as well as introducing free garden waste collections.

Other proposals being consulted on include a deposit return scheme (DRS) for beverage containers and reform to the UK’s extended producer responsibility (EPR) system – with the suggestion that packaging producers should pay 100 per cent of the costs of collecting and sorting their waste products. They currently pay only around 10 per cent, while the rest of the burden is shouldered by local authorities.

The introduction of such policies are likely to require extra investment into local authority services, though it is as yet unclear whether this will come from local authorities themselves or from central government.