Biffa calls for separate collections of paper and card in consistency report

UK waste management company Biffa has called on the government to recommend the separate collection of paper and card in addition to food waste in its eventual core materials collection model.

The UK Government is currently consulting on a ‘core set of materials to be collected by all local authorities and waste operators’ and ‘which materials should comprise this core set, and which collection systems would be most effective and preserving material quality’. It is hoped that by increasing consistency in collections and reducing confusion surrounding what can and cannot be recycled the UK will be able to boost its recycling rate beyond its current 45.7 per cent – it has been hovering around 45 per cent for a number of years – as it chases the EU’s 50 per cent recycling target for 2020 and the Circular Economy Package’s (CEP) 65 per cent municipal recycling rate target for 2035.

In its new report, ‘Recycling Collections: For the real world’, Biffa recommends household dry mixed recyclables be collected in a single bin, with paper and card collectedly separately – though this should not be enforced and should remain a decision for individual local authorities. Food and garden waste should also be collected separately.