WRAP targets overbuying food in new campaign

The UK’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has launched a new campaign encouraging people to better plan their meals, in order to prevent unintentional food waste from people buying more than they need.

The new campaign, Spoiled Rotten, is part of WRAP’s larger Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which seeks to target the 7.1 million tonnes of food thrown out by UK households every year.

WRAP’s research has found that some 30 per cent of people don’t check their fridge before they go to the shops, while only 56 per cent of 18-34-year-olds – statistically the most wasteful age group when it comes to food – make a shopping list. This failure to plan means much food goes unused and is thrown out, with wastage costing households £230 a year and the amount of carbon emissions caused by food waste in the UK equivalent to the carbon emissions generated by one in four of the cars on UK roads.