RDF Industry Group criticises Dutch tax proposals

The Dutch Government’s announcement of new refuse-derived fuel (RDF) import taxes has been met with criticism by the RDF Industry Group.

The Netherlands is currently a large importer of foreign residual waste, and is the largest destination for UK RDF, receiving 1.3 million tonnes of UK RDF in 2018. Aiming to reduce the CO2 emissions produced as a result of these imports, the Dutch Government plans to impose an RDF import tax of €32 per tonne and a CO2 tax of €30 per tonne of CO2.

The RDF Industry Group has responded to these tax proposals with criticism, commenting that the Dutch Government has been unable to prove how this import tax would reduce CO2 emissions. The Group claims that the environmental impact would be worsened as a result of these taxes, as there would be a risk of more waste going to landfill.