Government must allow councils flexibility to achieve recycling targets

The UK Parliament’s Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has urged the UK Government to provide adequate funding and allow local authorities to be flexible in the way they collect recyclable materials if they are to achieve recycling targets contained in the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy.

In a letter to Local Government Minister Rishi Sunak, the Committee stated that, while it is ‘important to improve recycling rates’ and achieve ‘greater consistency in what is collected by local authorities’, there is an ‘important distinction between what is collected and how it is collected’, and that the government was trying to ‘dictate from the centre that which would be better determined by local decision makers’.

The Committee also stated that the government needed to provide more information on the nature and level of funding that would be provided to implement proposals such as weekly separate collections of food waste and free garden waste collections, both of which the Committee is opposed to.