Scrap Dutch waste import tax, says RDF Industry Group

The RDF Industry Group is calling on the Dutch Government to rethink its decision to tax the import of foreign waste from 1 January 2020.

The Group has published a briefing note that states the diversion of RDF to landfill in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) will result in increased greenhouse gas emissions. According to the briefing note, for each tonne of RDF diverted from combined heat and power generation in the Netherlands and sent to landfill in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI), an additional 262 kilogrammes (kg) of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) will be emitted.

The briefing note explains that the export of RDF from the UK and ROI to the Netherlands in 2018 saved almost 370,000 tonnes of CO2e, which is equivalent to taking over 370,000 cars off the road. The introduction of an import tax will increase emissions in the UK and ROI, and will therefore be counterproductive in the Netherlands’ goal to reduce emissions.