Scottish Government to table Circular Economy Bill

Scotland’s 2019/20 Programme for Government was published on 3 September setting out plans to tackle climate change and drive progress towards net zero carbon emissions by 2045.

The programme outlined Scotland’s plans for a new Circular Economy Bill, which aims to change attitudes towards waste and tackle the country’s throw-away culture. The new bill will include provisions to introduce charges on items such as single-use coffee cups – tackling the 4,000 tonnes of waste beverage cups create in Scotland each year – and a new penalty for littering from vehicles.

In order to build on the progress made in food waste recycling, the programme commits to exploring opportunities to require businesses to publicly report food waste and surplus, with a consultation to be carried out on obligating food retail sites to redistribute unsold edible food products. Further, the Scottish Government will also consult on the existing rural exemption for household food waste collections and review the food waste separation requirements.

Regards to dry recycling, the Scottish Government’s programme commits to begin an evaluation of the Scottish Household Recycling Charter and review the Charter’s Code of Practice, both of which govern how local authority kerbside recycling is carried out in Scotland.