Scottish Government reveals proposals for Circular Economy Bill

The Scottish Government has opened a 6-week consultation inviting feedback from the public on its proposals for an upcoming Circular Economy Bill. The Bill’s proposed measures are designed to tackle climate change and drive progress towards net zero carbon emissions by 2045. They include increasing the minimum single-use carrier bag charge from five pence to 10 pence and enforcing stricter penalties for littering from vehicles as well as further details on charge on single-use coffee cups.

The consultation will be open for responses until 19 December so that the initiatives can be transposed into Scottish law before July 2020.

Though the proposed Bill covers a number of areas to help reach Scotland’s recycling targets, it has already received some criticism for its limitations – particularly regarding the construction sector.

Commenting on the consultation, Scottish Environment Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham, said: “Responding to the global climate emergency will be a challenge for us all – be it government, business or individuals – and I would strongly encourage everyone to share their views on how we make this journey together.”