World Biogas Association makes emissions reduction declaration at COP25

At the UN’s Conference of Parties (COP25) in Madrid, the World Biogas Association (WBA) committed to delivering a 12 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, provided world governments adequately support the industry.

This follows the publication of WBA’s Global Potential of Biogas report in June, which found that the biogas industry is capable of preventing up to four billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually, representing at least 12 per cent of today’s global emissions by 2030.

Presenting the declaration, WBA President David Newman said: “The need for urgent action is clear to all; governments alone cannot resolve the climate change emergency, they need help. The biogas industry can offer technologies and the mobilisation of huge financial resources to help reduce GHG by 12 per cent within a decade. We support the UN process and our corporate members commit to doing their part to help this process become reality. There really is no time to lose.”

The WBA will provide its members with assistance, technical training and advice in the development of biogas technologies.