European Green Deal to include new circular economy plan

The circular economy and resource management have been placed at the centre of the European Commission’s European Green Deal, with proposals including a EU-wide model for the separate collection of waste and rules on minimum recycled content promising a step change in the EU’s approach to resources and waste.

The European Green Deal sets a carbon neutral target of 2050 for the EU, which will be enshrined in a Climate Law by March 2020, and is set to be the key policy of the new Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen.

Emphasising the need to boost recycling and become more resource-efficient, the Commission will launch a second Circular Economy Action and the 2020-2024 Ecodesign Working Plan in 2020 and introduce proposals such as creating an EU-wide model for separate collection of waste and recyclables, increase recycling targets, prevent the export of waste to outside of the EU, and support the ‘right to repair’.