Government must ‘make up for lost time’ on resources and waste after election

The UK resources and waste sector has responded to the Conservatives’ landslide election victory with a call to revive the legislative programme set in motion by the Resources and Waste Strategy and the Environment Bill.

In what was a historic result, Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won 364 seats in the general election, securing a 78-seat majority in the House of Commons, its largest majority since 1987. By contrast, Labour suffered a disastrous night, losing 59 seats to secure 203 overall, making it its worst result since 1935.

With regard to the resources and waste sector, the industry will now hope to see a reanimation of the legislation contained in the Environment Bill that failed to pass through Parliament before the start of the election campaign.

Jacob Hayler, Executive Director of the Environmental Services Association (ESA), the trade association for the UK’s waste management sector, said that the result signalled “continuity” for the sector, adding: “We would like to see the new Conservative government quickly rekindle the legislative programme introduced under the Environment Bill in the autumn, so that progress can be made against the Resources and Waste Strategy, and we can make up for lost time.”