Wales sets out plans for 100 per cent recycling rate by 2050

The Welsh Government’s new circular economy strategy has set out the nation’s goal to become the “world leader in recycling.”

The new strategy, entitled ‘Beyond Recycling’, outlines plans for Wales to become a zero-waste, net-zero emissions nation by 2050, making savings of up to £2 billion (€2.4 billion) for the Welsh economy.

The Welsh Government has set an interim target of a 70 per cent household, municipal and industrial recycling rate by 2025, alongside a 50 per cent reduction in avoidable food waste by this date and a limit of five per cent waste to landfill.

Aiming to phase out single-use plastic, the Welsh Government will work with the other governments of the UK to accelerate the introduction of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging and a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers.