Novamont launches foundation to promote soil health and land regeneration

Novamont has launched a new foundation to promote soil health and land conservation, in collaboration with Turin Polytechnic and the University of Bologna.

Novamont launched the ReSoil Foundation at a press conference in Rome last Monday (27 January), announcing that the foundation will aim to promote scientific research, technology transfer, training and dissemination, whilst also raising awareness to preserve soil health and promote the recovery of organic matter.

Speaking at the launch, Catia Bastioli, CEO of Novamont, explained: “To combat the climate and environmental crisis we need to be aware of the earth’s ecosystem; today the soil is an unidentified legal object. We need a European directive to promote it; incentives must not only reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, but also restore carbon to the soil.

“The protagonists of this turnaround should be the farmers, who should be renumerated not only for their work on food production but also for their work as custodians of the land, for their contribution in bringing back carbon and therefore fertility to the land.”