Exports of RDF from England fall once again

Exports of refuse derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF) from England fell by 13.5 per cent in 2019 as markets continue to tighten.

New data from the Environment Agency and presented by Footprint Services shows that 2.71 million tonnes of RDF/SRF were exported from England in 2019, down from 3.13 million tonnes in 2018 and 3.46 million tonnes in 2017.

SRF exports have actually increased by 4.1 per cent to 376,000 tonnes, with RDF taking the real hit, falling by 15.7 per cent to 2.34 million tonnes.

All of England’s main RDF/SRF export destinations received lower tonnages from England in 2019, with exports to the UK’s largest export market, the Netherlands, falling by 11.2 per cent to 1.16 million tonnes. Sweden (6.9 per cent), Germany (22.8 per cent), Norway (28.8 per cent) and Denmark (20 per cent) all also recorded large drops.