WEEE report condems online free-riding

The European WEEE Registers Network (EWRN) this week released a report condemning online marketplaces for the high level of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) non-compliance of products sold on their platforms.

Its report states that ‘online platforms are fully aware that most of their customers abroad are non-compliant’.
The report also rejects the proposal made in 2019 by a larger online platform for a Flat Fee model of WEEE compliance, where online platforms would act as an intermediate for obligated producers abroad, with neither having to register in EU member states where EEE is placed on the market, providing annual reports in bulk of all the EEE they place on the market rather than individually for each producer.

The EWRN report states that the Flat Fee model would create a ‘double standard that is not justifiable’, meaning obligated producers that are compliant would be at a disadvantage to producers behind an online platform with no obligations for WEEE take-back or individual reporting, which would prevent proper enforcement for non-compliance.