Study finds 45 per cent fall in purchases of bottled water on the go

UK consumption of bottled water has fallen from 58 per cent to 30 per cent amongst people working remotely, under furlough or made redundant during lockdown, according to a new study released by YouGov today (30 July). Commissioned by BRITA UK, the survey has revealed that there has been a 45 per cent decrease in the number of people overall buying bottled water on-the-go. Pre-lockdown, the most common point of purchasing bottled water was on-the-go or at work.

Consumers have switched from disposable bottles to tap or filtered water, with half of those choosing to do so citing reasons such as not going to work or the supermarket as often. 22 per cent of participants expected to use less disposable plastic bottles on-the-go, and almost a third (31 per cent) now intending to carry a reusable bottle, and the study suggests that these positive habits could stick after the crisis ends.

Additionally, the study highlights a new willingness in UK citizens to accept drastic change in everyday life where required. Almost seven in ten people say that they were ‘willing to alter their behaviour to manage a global crisis or existential threat’, and 71 per cent now believe people should be more willing to change their behaviour if necessary, mirroring the country’s adherence to lockdown rules when the coronavirus risk became evident.

According to the study, changing the way environmental threats such as plastic pollution or climate change are discussed could have a large impact, and help the UK meet the government’s Net Zero targets and achieve a green recovery.