Lidl GB launches Scottish food waste initiative

Yesterday (30 July), Lidl GB unveiled a new initiative with Love Food Hate Waste Scotland to prevent household food waste, as stats reveal that 1.8 million Scots are shopping without a list, contributing to 60 million meals being wasted every month.

The partnership will be debuting a series of food waste-free shopping lists to help Scots plan better, save money and tackle the climate crisis, alongside additional guidance on food storage and ways to use up leftovers.

The campaign, titled ‘Great Taste, No Waste’, comes as a YouGov poll reveals that 56 per cent of Scots are now feeling more stressed about their food shop since the beginning of the pandemic. It is hoped that, through the use of these lists, Scottish families will enjoy more sustainable, great tasting meals, accompanied by a stress-free shopping experience.

Covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, the meal plans feature easy-to-make family favourites such as spaghetti bolognese and new dishes to try like nasi goreng, Greek yoghurt pizzas and fish finger tacos.