Coca-Cola to transition to 100 per rPET in Netherlands and Norway

Coca-Cola European Partners has announced that it will be transitioning to bottles made from 100 per cent recycled PET (rPET) from the end of the year in the Netherlands and Norway.

Announced today (7 September), Coca-Cola European Partners stated that in the Netherlands it will transition all locally produced small plastic bottles to 100 per cent rPET from October 2020 and large plastic bottles will follow in early 2021. Coca-Cola states this transition will remove 10,000 tonnes of new virgin plastic and reduce the carbon footprint of its plastic bottles by 21 per cent a year.

Norway will transition to 100 per cent rPET for all locally produced plastic bottles in early 2021, reducing virgin plastic consumption by 4,300 tonnes of a year and the carbon footprint of the bottles by 28 per cent.