Essex councils to continue sending waste to landfill for next six months

Essex County Council, a UK local authority, has announced that it is initiating a ‘mini-competition to invite bids from suppliers onto the existing waste disposal framework contract’.

As Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) Essex Waste, which operated waste treatment facilities at Tovi Eco Park, recently went into administration, Essex County Council has decided to continue sending household waste to landfill.

According to local media reports, all residual waste is now being sent to landfill under six-month contracts that are due to expire in March 2021. Owing to this, ECC will be incurring landfill tax on all its residual waste, currently set at £94.15 a tonne, as well as disposal charges.

In a comment to Resource, in relation to its invitation for bids from suppliers on the existing waste disposal framework, a spokesperson for ECC said: “Suppliers may offer landfill and/or energy from waste solutions for the Authority’s residual waste.

“The decision on how waste will be treated will be based on the lowest cost to the taxpayer. Once new service orders are issued early next year, arrangements will be in place until the end of September 2022.”