WasteAid announces new partnership under UK Aid Match programme

WasteAid announced its new partnership with Cameroon-based private sector enterprise RED-PLAST today (6 November), which aims to build on the charity’s existing work in Cameroon through its UK Aid Match programme.

The ongoing programme aims to prevent plastics from entering the ocean, whilst training marginalised and vulnerable people in waste management and recycling skills.

Under the partnership, participants will be provided with the opportunity of long-term employment in the waste sector once the programme finishes.

Well-established in Cameroon’s waste management sector, RED-PLAST has been delivering waste-collection, recycling and manufacturing services throughout Douala for more than five years, and is an approved government supplier for products with recycled content.

The supplier’s reputation throughout the region will provide support for programme participants seeking long-term employment in the formal waste management sector.