Avocados with preservative coating launch in Europe

Fruit preservation company Apeel Sciences has announced that its avocados are now on sale at Edeka stores in Germany and Salling Group stores in Denmark.

The avocados are coated with an edible, plant-derived layer made from naturally occurring lipids and glycerolipids, which allows them to stay fresh for two to three times longer. As well as reducing food waste across the supply chain, the technology cuts reliance on refrigeration, controlled atmospheres and single-use plastic.

After receiving regulatory approval from the European Commission in June, Apeel Sciences ran a UK trial on Peruvian mandarins in Asda supermarkets in September.

James Rogers, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Apeel Sciences, said: “Approval of Apeel’s technology in Europe demonstrates the European Commission’s commitment to addressing our planet’s massive food waste crisis, which is now understood to be a top contributor to climate change.

“Our US partners are realising the value of Apeel and are halving their food waste in many cases. Our next critical step is assisting retailers across Europe in their efforts to reduce waste, while simultaneously improving profits and enabling customers to enjoy fresh, high quality produce with a longer shelf life and ripe time.”