Irish climate progress is ‘significant’ but ‘too slow’, says Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth Ireland has today (13 September) published an independent expert assessment of the Republic of Ireland’s delivery of environmental and climate policy.

The charity gave the Irish Government a C+, stating that ‘significant groundwork has been achieved’, but current progress is ‘too slow’ to meet targets. The assessment awarded the Irish Government marks out of 10 on each of the following categories – Climate, Nature & Biodiversity, Transport, Waste, Air Quality, Water & Marine, Buildings, Energy, and Agriculture & Forestry.

The Irish Government scored highly in high-profile categories such as Climate Governance and Climate Funding, receiving an 8 for both subcategories.

The highest score received was for Waste, which saw the panel award the Irish Government an 8.5, citing the Waste Action Plan for the Circular Economy and policies addressing single-use plastic as markers of ‘substantial progress’ towards waste commitments.

The lowest mark, a 4, was awarded in agriculture, an area of policy that is frequently controversial and contested.