ZWE report urges EU incineration policy reform

Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) recently released a report stating calling on the EU to make a ‘radical improvement’ upon its existing residual waste policy in order to create an environment that is suitable for the development of a circular, carbon-free economy.

The report, conducted by Equanimator Ltd., asserts that the EU’s current policy, which is proven to favour incineration as a method for handling residual waste, is ‘unwarranted.’ ZWE adds that there is an absence of evidence in support of incineration, warning of the impact that the practice has on the ‘potential for moving waste further up the hierarchy, into prevention and recycling.’

The paper also outlines the incompatibility of incineration as a residual waste strategy with current climate policy, stressing that EU policy should reflect developing knowledge and evidence, bringing residual waste management in line with the values of the EU Green Deal.