How to waste less this Christmas

Global NGO WRAP has released guidance on how to reduce waste at Christmas, following a year in which the need to tackle climate change was headline news around the world.

With nearly half of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK attributed to consumption, WRAP emphasises that making small changes in what we purchase and wear, and how we eat and dispose of our waste, will make a great contribution to both tackling climate change and living in harmony with nature.

Marcus Gover, CEO, WRAP said: “2021 saw the climate crisis grab global attention with COP26 focused on the large international commitments on issues like methane, coal and forests. Individuals may feel removed from the climate action on this scale and even question what difference they can personally make in the face of such challenges.

“Yet nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with the food and products we buy so the choices we make in our daily lives really are critical for protecting our planet. Our tips show how you can make a real difference while still enjoying a great Christmas.”

WRAP’s Christmas guidance can be viewed on its Love Food Hate Waste, Recycle Now and Love Your Clothes websites.