£10m project promises to capture plastic lost to residual streams

Fiberight has announced a £10m plan to capture, recover, and recycle post-consumer flexible plastics that would otherwise be incinerated or end up in landfills. The three-year ‘Uncaptured Unrecycled Plastics (UP) Project’ will look at recovering packaging from every sector, including non-food contact packaging, heavy gauge refuse sacks, pipes and buckets, lumber and roadside furniture.

£4.2m in co-funding if being provided through Innovate UK’s ‘Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge’ (SSPPC). The Welsh Government also plans to contribute £100k towards a research and development project aimed at commercialising a competitive use for recycled flexible plastics.

A facility of commercial-scale will be created in Swansea and used as a demonstration site for the rest of the scheme. It will be responsible for processing the post-consumer plastic packaging supplied by nearby Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). This process will initially focus on contaminated rigid plastics and contaminated MRF films. Eventually, the facility will also focus on MRF reject materials with a capacity of up to 60,000 tonnes annually, as well as create 40 new jobs.