BMRA calls for bans on households placing WEEE in collection bins

A ban on households placing unwanted waste electrical equipment (WEEE) and lithium-ion batteries in roadside collection bins has been called for by the British Metal Recycling Association (BMRA). In line with this, it has suggested that the Government instruct local councils to carry out kerbside collections for the items, which include single-use vapes.

The waste and recycling sector is witnessing ‘an ever-increasing’ number of fires caused by WEEE items and lithium-ion batteries, highlighting to the association that change is needed as. Furthermore, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has presented his concerns at the escalating number of cases being dealt with by firefighters in the capital.

130 fires have been reported by London Fire Brigade this year as involving the batteries – 65 used by e-bikes, 24 used by e-scooters and the remainder used in e-cigarettes. These are events that Sadiq Khan has ‘serious safety concerns’ about.