Dr Stewart Davies announced as new chair of OPRL

Dr Stewart Davies has been named the new chair of OPRL, succeeding Jane Bevis, the company’s founder who dedicated fifteen years to its mission. Davies, a seasoned professional, has held numerous prestigious positions, including Chair of the Sustainable Development Partnership at the City of Bradford Metropolitan District, Governing Board Member at Innovate UK, and Business Commissioner at the Sustainable Development Commission. Highly knowledgeable in the packaging supply chain, Davies emphasises the importance of collaboration to tackle the sustainability challenges confronting brands and recyclers. Underlining OPRL’s unique position to enhance collaboration efforts, he expressed his excitement to augment the brand’s commitment to circular economy packaging solutions.

Jane Bevis, the departing chair, recently received the Environmental Champion award at the UK Environmental Packaging Awards. She reflected on OPRL’s significant growth from 25 initial members in 2009 to nearly 800 companies presently. Bevis applauded the extended range of services provided by OPRL, including Reuse/Refill labelling and coverage of hospitality and B2B packaging. Bevis expressed her confidence in Davies’s leadership abilities and expertise in resource efficiency and sustainable packaging. Philip Ward, the current acting chair, praised Jane for her foundational role in OPRL, lauding the company’s widespread recognition and the more than 90% satisfaction rate among members. He acknowledged the upcoming changes in packaging regulation, yet affirmed Jane’s lasting legacy has set OPRL on a stable path.