One million tonnes of plastic additives pollute the planet’s oceans annually

A recent study by EA Earth Action has exposed the staggering annual influx of approximately one million tonnes of plastic additives into the world’s oceans. The report, named ‘Adding It Up,’ not only quantifies this pollution but also warns of a potential 50% increase in additive leakage by 2040 if substantial changes to plastic production and waste management are not implemented. A significant portion of this pollution, around 116 kilotonnes, originates from plastic packaging materials, raising concerns about their potential health impacts.

In response to these findings, EA Earth Action is calling for global action, particularly ahead of the third session of the UN Global Plastic Treaty Negotiations. They emphasise the need for greater transparency in plastic product composition and the implementation of effective waste management practices worldwide. Additionally, the organisation urges policymakers to promote the use of more reusable and recyclable materials to address the plastic pollution crisis and transition toward a more circular economy. Further research into the sources and effects of plastic additives in the environment is considered crucial for developing more effective prevention strategies on a global scale.