Innovative platform seeks to revolutionise packaging data management

A new cloud-based software solution, GING, has been introduced to streamline the capture, sharing, and reporting of packaging data across the entire supply chain. Developed around the Open 3P data standard for the packaging sector, GING allows businesses to share precise and timely packaging data domestically and internationally, enhancing data quality accessibility. The platform, a collaborative effort of partners in the packaging industry with funding from the UK Research & Innovation’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging (SSPP) Challenge, offers integration with various data services and software, reducing manual data transfer and potential errors.

To ensure data security, GING users can protect commercially sensitive information, maintaining control over shared data. With upcoming regulations like Extended Producer Responsibility and the Plastic Packaging Tax, GING arrives at a crucial time, offering commercial benefits through efficient data sharing, internal reporting, and supporting resource efficiency goals. The not-for-profit entity overseeing GING has introduced ‘Mission Guardians,’ including Paula Chin and Professor Michael Shaver, to monitor the company’s mission of improving packaging data quality for environmental and societal benefits. The ‘Mission Guardians’ possess specific veto powers, ensuring adherence to the platform’s mission.