Milan, an outstanding example of separate waste collection

Milan currently collects over twice as much organic waste as any other European city thanks to its door-to-door collection system.

The waste management system in Milan is particularly efficient at collecting food waste, using bags made of biodegradable, compostable plastic which are waterproof, hygienic, breathable and can be processed by composting and anaerobic digestion plants.

The compostability of the bags is crucial in ensuring the quality of the material for disposal.

The success of food waste collection has meant separate waste collection in Milan now exceeds 50%, an astounding result for a city of its size. In Milan over 90 kg of organic waste is collected per inhabitant every year, a substantial quantity compared with 45 kg in Vienna or 31 kg in Munich (2012 data).

The amount of high quality organic waste collected in Milan is over 95%.

Milan Recycle City

The separate collection model in Milan has caught the attention of C40, a global network comprising the mayors of the largest cities in the world committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by sharing best practices, including in the area of waste management.