Advantages of the Mater-Bi mulch film for processing tomato

Commercial tomato cultivation in Navarra is about 2,000Ha. This crop is 10% of the regions total produce output and is the #1 crop to use mulch film. But conventional mulch film is not compatible with mechanical harvesting. There is one solution and Miguelangel Los Arcos shares it in this video.

Over the past 14 years, he has not used traditional plastic film but instead, biodegradable Mater-Bi mulch film. The Mater-Bi film not only increases environmental sustainability, but also overcomes the technical problems of conventional plastic film with mechanical harvesting. With Mater-Bi mulch film the benefits are multiple. At this time, there is nothing that could replace the environmental and cost efficiencies found in using Mater-bi Biodegradable mulch films.