Facts About Carrier Bags in the UK

Some Interesting facts about lightweight carrier bags in the UK:

  • Each of the four nations, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales has a different law on carrier bags
  • Where they are chargeable, the minimum charge must be 5p
  • Proceeds from the sale of carrier bags should go to good causes
  • Prior to the introduction of the charge in England, it is estimated that 4 times more lightweight plastic carrier bags ended up in industrial composting plants as contaminants than were recycled.
  • After the introduction of the charge, usage in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales fell by ~80%. In England, Defra estimate that the number of bags used in 2016 will be 5.6 billion.
  • The promotion of compostable carrier bags in one local authority helped save over £200K
  • Compostable carrier bags are already on offer to consumers in over 100 local authorities across the UK