Implementing Carrier Bag Policies

When considering introducing measures on carrier bags, it is essential to consider the full implications of enabling compostable bags and not just considering the consumption metric.

1) Encourage the use of truly reusable shopping bags (cloth, traditional plastics, recycled plastics). The non-biodegradable reusable bag is the best choice from an environmental perspective: they consume less resources and produces less pollution, presuming it is reused. The biodegradable bag is used only when the consumer forgets their reusable bags.

2) Empower and support the consumer with regard to the proper management of waste, particularly food waste: MATER-BI carrier bags are intended to be reused for the separate collection and disposal of domestic organic waste.

3) Reduce the effects of any uncontrolled release into the environment. By reducing the consumption of disposable bags and the fact that MATER-BI bags, if released into the environment irresponsibly, biodegrade relatively quickly. Of course, the biodegradability does not justify in any way or uncontrolled disposal and should never be promoted as a solution to littering.