Food Waste Caddy Liners and Sacks

Liners and sacks made from MATER-BI are fully certified to EN13432 and can be produced to be suitable for home composting with certification to Vincotte’s OK Compost Home.

In the UK, biodegradable and compostable liners and sacks which enters an industrial organic recycling facility working to national End of Waste standards e.g. BSI PAS100 for Composted Products must be independently certified to a recognised standard, both EN13432 and Vincotte’s OK Compost Home Programme are recognised as acceptable inputs.

Where MATER-BI liners are used in food waste collections, a number of benefits are realised to every part of the system leading to increased safe capture of food waste to produce high quality, plastic-free soil improvers and fertilisers.


Householders & commercial users

  • Keeps indoor container clean & hygienic
  • Keeps outdoor container clean & hygienic
  • Proven barrier to viruses and bacteria
  • Ease of use
  • Allow easy capture of wetter materials – plate scrapings etc
  • Reduced food in residuals: less odour


For the Collection Crew and Authority

  • Improved collection efficiency
  • Easily removed by hand or mechanically (tipped) from outdoor caddy / bin
  • Multiple households collected before returning to vehicle
  • No street spills
  • Transparent when wet = quick verification of contents
  • Improved health and safety for crews (no bioaerosols)
  • Clean vehicles = fast washing down at end of shift
  • No need for bin washing
  • Increased participation
  • Increased recovery


For the Organic Recycler

  • Increased inputs
  • Easier feedstock handling / management
  • Reduced contamination
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Higher quality, marketable composted products



Garden Waste Sacks

MATER-BI can be used to produce garden waste sacks which provide an ideal solution for the collection of garden waste as they are:

  • specially designed to withstand early degradation caused by the biologically aggressive nature of garden waste as demonstrated by the VGS system
  • have a high resistance to piercing, splitting and tearing
  • completely compostable within typical UK windrow PAS100 composting cycles
  • ensure minimal visual interference and street blocking – as happens with wheeled bin
  • increase the efficacy of collection and treatment since there is no need for bag splitting either during collection or at the composting facility
  • are easy to distribute and store
  • are equally suitable for charged or free collection schemes